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How to check the Health of your Website

Checking the functionality of your website on a regular basis is as important for your business as checking the oil in your car is for your travel plans. Our
recommendations include:

- Regularly checking that E Mail and Form links are working, as a full inbox or a broken link might be behind that shortfall in Internet generated inquiries.
Simply send an E Mail from all the E Mail and Form links on your website and confirm that they are delivered to your Inbox.

- Test viewing your site using different browsers and screen resolutions to confirm that it loads properly in all cases. The rise in popularity of browsers
such as Firefox means that a site should be correctly viewable in more than just Internet Explorer.

- Making sure that your contact details are shown on all pages of your website including quick E Mail contact, telephone and fax numbers.

- Knowing your client and, as such, making sure that your website is "client friendly". There is very little justification in creating a full Flash website
for a target market that is only interested in quick and easy information or has limited Internet awareness.

- Making sure that your website is easily navigable, with links to all other pages appearing at least once on any one page.

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