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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Imagine if you could run an advertisement on an internationally viewed television network, such as CNN, and only pay for the viewers that actually ended up
visiting your business; this is how Pay Per Click advertising works.

What is so exciting about Pay Per Click advertising is that you are not paying to be listed, you are paying for the actual clicks you get on your listing!
This is a very important distinction, and the number one reason that Pay Per Click advertising is on the rise, whilst banner and traditional offline marketing programs are in decline.

Pay Per Click search engines enable you to guarantee that your advert will appear amongst the first few positions of search results generated by a potential
client who is looking for your business services or product. Not only does this allow you to guarantee that your website will show up on the much coveted
first page of search listings, but you can bid for hundreds of keywords and phrases that suit your business service or product.

Pay Per Click programs generate "sponsored results" by auctioning off the most prominent advertising positions. Bids are based around key words or phrases (words or phrases that your potential client may use to find you) and The position of your advert is determined by your bid: how much you are prepared to pay per click when your potential client uses these key words. Put simply, the advertiser placing the highest bid for a key word or key phrase will be placed in the 1st position of the search engine's sponsored results when the key word or phrase is searched; the second highest bid made will guarantee 2nd position...and so on.

Because Pay Per Click advertising is so effective it is not uncommon to see bids of $2 or more for the top advertising positions. To bid successfully you may
need to do so several times a day or you could easily find yourself in fourth position with a bid of $1.27, while positions 3, 2 and 1 have been secured with
bids of $1.28, $1.29 and $1.30 respectively. For 4 cents more, you could be in first position, if only you could afford the time and resources to keep
abreast of the ever changing bidding platform.

Similarly you could also decide that you are happy in fourth position, but instead of paying $1.27 a click, you have failed to notice that you now only need
to bid $0.80 a click in order to stay ahead of the fifth bidder who has dropped his bid back down to $0.79.

If you don't stay on top of your Pay Per Click campaigns, you will inevitably pay more than you need to pay for the same results.

Our software enables us to precisely adjust your bids, dramatically improving your overall results and even more dramatically reducing your Pay Per Click spend.

Note: Some PPC search programs such as Google’s AdWords base advertisement positioning on bid price, but also factor in the current or past click-through
rate. Search engines such as AOL, Ask Jeeves, Lycos, About, AltaVista, MSN, and Yahoo all include paid listings in their search results.

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