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gap surfing  
What is Gap Surfing?

Gap Surfing can be demonstrated with the following example:

Let's imagine that you have nine business rivals and that you are all competing to be placed on the first two pages of search results for search engine A.

The top five bidders will be placed on the first page of search results and the second five on the second page. As there is normally a significant difference between the number of clicks received by advertisers on page one in comparison to clicks received by advertisers on page two, you want to make sure that your bid is high enough to achieve one of the top 5 positions.

Let's imagine that the top five bids are as follows:

Position 1: $1.51 per click
Position 2: $0.76 per click
Position 3: $0.56 per click
Position 4: $0.40 per click
Position 5: $0.20 per click

Our web based software is able to automatically set your bid at $0.21 to ensure that your advertisement appears on the first page at the minimum cost to you. Similarly the coveted number 2 position can be achieved for only $0.77 per click: far better value than the number one position which costs almost the double at $1.51 per click. Surfing the Gap at regular intervals enables your advertisement to always appear in the best positions at the lowest cost.

Gap Management Features can also locate the most cost-effective rank within a specified range of bids. Our software scans the specified range of bids ($0.19 to $0.60, for example) and calculates the gaps between them. Once the largest gap is determined, the software places your bid at the bottom of the largest gap, providing you with the highest rank available for the minimum increase in cost per click.

What is Bid Jamming?

Bid Jamming is when the bidder below you bids only one cent less than your bid. This means that you have no choice but to pay the maximum in order to stay in your position.

Our Bid Management Software alerts us when you are being jammed and automatically moves your bid to one cent below your competitor to break the cycle.

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